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Where is the current Cedar Rapids real estate market headed?

Well friends… It is an interesting residential real estate market right now in the Cedar Rapids association. If you are friends with any Realtors on social media (hint, hint) you have probably been getting hit hard with posts, images, and advertisement saying something along the lines of “Inventory is low! The time to sell is now!” and quite frankly this is completely true. Our current inventory of houses to sell is extremely low. In a normal market where supply and demand are properly functioning we should be around 5-7 months of inventory with January usually being our highest or second highest month. Where we are at is an extreme sellers market. I want to point to a particular part of our residential market today so I am going to focus on the 50-250k range of housing. These are houses that range from fixer-uppers, first time home buyers, and people starting to settle down in their 2nd homes. This is where the majority of home sales are located in our market.             After going through this data I have some concerns that our inventory levels aren’t where they should be. We seem to be moving ever […]
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Find the Home Loan that Fits Your Needs

Find the Home Loan that Fits Your Needs By: G. M. Filisko Published: August 20, 2014 Understand which mortgage loan is best for you so your budget isn’t stretched too thin. It’s easier to settle happily into your new home if you’re confident you can afford it. Here’s what you need to know about your mortgage financing options, including how to choose the loan that matches your income and tolerance for risk. Mortgage Financing Basics The most important features of your mortgage loan are: 1.  Term (how long the loan lasts) Mortgages typically come in 15-, 20-, 30- or 40-year lengths. The longer the term, the lower your monthly payment. The interest rate on a 15-year mortgage might be 1% lower than the rate on a 30-year mortgage. The trade-off for a lower payment on the 30-year mortgage is that you make more payments. Since you borrow the money for longer, you pay more interest to the lender. 2.  Interest Rate (how much you pay to borrow money) Mortgage interest rates generally come in two flavors: fixed and adjustable. A fixed rate gives you the same interest rate and payment until the end of your mortgage. That’s attractive when you’re […]
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Cedar Rapids after the flood

Wow… what a week that was. I’ve been looking for words to describe how in awe I am at our city and all the people that have pushed themselves to help, but I don’t know if I can put it into words. Let me try though. When we first heard that we were going to flood again I think a lot of us had a similar reaction of “oh no” and then wondering what to do next, but then we found answers to how to help. Sand bag stations started at the old Kmart on the Southwest side, Hawkeye Downs, Ellis, and all over the Czech Village and Newbo area. I remember vividly the panic that happened in the flood of 2008 with so many people filling sandbags in the pouring rain trying to do their best to stop that monster of a flood. I lived at a high elevation and had my car flooded from one of the flash floods, but that pales in comparison to others that lost everything and the city has been feeling the effects to this day. This time we had some time. This time we had people organized and ready. This time we were going to […]
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